How To Maximize the Space in Your Living Room

Too often, living rooms are crowded with bookshelves, furniture, plants, television sets, décor, and more. A crowded area doesn’t create a pleasant, relaxing environment, so it’s helpful to free up some space. If you want to create more room, read below and find out how to maximize the space in your living room.

Rearrange Your Furniture

One easy way to create space in any room is to rearrange the furniture. For the living room, you can rearrange couches, chairs, coffee tables, footstools, and anything else you have. Try out multiple arrangements until you find one that creates the most space. You may need to discard some older, bulky pieces of furniture if they don’t fit well. For instance, instead of a long, straight couch, you can buy a sectional couch that provides more space.

Use Décor Wisely

Décor is a wonderful way to brighten up your home, but avoid adding too much to your living room. If you enjoy adding a lot of décor, you can always use the walls and decorate vertically. You can hang pictures and artwork, use shelves, attach plants to the ceiling or walls, et cetera. This way, you still have plenty of room.

Lighting and Open Curtains

If you want your room to appear larger, use lighting. Bright, warm light is perfect for making a room appear larger. You can open the blinds or keep the curtains parted to let the lovely sunshine into your home. For nighttime, add a few lamps and light fixtures to display every inch of space.

Keep Your Colors Neutral

Dark colors can make a space seem smaller, so it’s best to stick with neutral tones for your living room. Of course, you can add hints of darker colors, but the overall décor should be neutral. For example, dark curtains make a room seem smaller, so you may want to consider lighter shades instead.

And that’s how to maximize the space in your home. When shopping for soft, sturdy sectionals and couches for your living room, remember to view our lovely selection here at Sofas and Sectionals.

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