Top Living Room Trends for Spring and Summer 2022

It's a new year, and with this new year comes new interior design trends to try. Check out some of the top living room trends for the year 2022.
Paige Pesko - 02/08/2022 03:14 PM

Sofa vs. Loveseat: Which One Is Right for Your Living Room?

Sofas and loveseats are similar, but they do have some differences. Read this comparison of sofas vs. loveseats to determine the right one for your living room.
Paige Pesko - 12/16/2021 08:28 PM

7 Reasons Your Home Needs Oversized Furniture

If you want to add plenty of seating to your living room, you should get oversized furniture. Discover seven reasons why your home needs oversized furniture.
Paige Pesko - 12/13/2021 05:53 PM

5 Tips for Caring for and Cleaning Leather Furniture

Leather is a smooth and luxurious material that looks stunning in every home. Check out these five tips for caring for and cleaning leather furniture.
Paige Pesko - 12/10/2021 06:06 PM

Power vs. Manual Recliners: Pros and Cons

Power and manual recliners are great additions to your home. If you don't know which one to choose, check out these pros and cons of power vs. manual recliners.
Ben Sauther - 11/18/2021 01:01 PM

How To Clean and Care for Your Sectional Sofa

After you purchase your new sofa, you want to keep it in great shape. Use the information below to learn how to clean and care for your sectional sofa
Paige Pesko - 11/17/2021 08:02 PM

5 Reasons To Invest in Custom Furniture for Your Home

Finding furniture that fits your preferences can be difficult unless you customize it. Discover five reasons to invest in custom furniture for your home.
Paige Pesko - 11/15/2021 07:56 PM

What Do Left-Hand Facing and Right-Hand Facing Mean?

When you shop for a sectional sofa, you may notice the terms left-hand facing and right-hand facing. So what does left-hand facing and right-hand facing mean?
Paige Pesko - 11/01/2021 12:34 PM

8 Simple Ways To Arrange Your Furniture

You'll need to know how to arrange your furniture if you want your home to be elegant and cozy. Learn eight simple ways to arrange your furniture here.
Paige Pesko - 10/20/2021 06:08 PM

The 7 Advantages of Leather Sectional Sofas

Many people prefer leather sofas over upholstered furniture because they provide more benefits. Here are the seven advantages of leather sectional sofas.
Paige Pesko - 10/20/2021 06:02 PM