8 Easy Tips for Styling Large Living Rooms

Many people think that decorating large living rooms is easy. After all, you have plenty of space to style and decorate them. So, you may assume that it’s a simple process. However, large living rooms can look awkward or uncomfortable if they have too much open space. The key is to fill this space without […]
Paige Pesko - 09/10/2021 03:44 PM

How To Pick the Best Sleeper Sofa Your Guests Will Enjoy

Your guests probably do not want to sleep on a sleeper sofa that is stiff and uncomfortable. Thankfully, not all sleeper sofas are rough and unbearable. A comfortable sleeper sofa can help you save space in your home and provide a cozy bed for your guests. At Sofas and Sectionals, we provide a vast selection […]
Paige Pesko - 09/10/2021 03:41 PM

7 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Recliner

At the end of the day, one of the best feelings is coming home and relaxing in your recliner. However, how do you know if you need to replace this piece of furniture? To answer this question, here are the seven signs it’s time to upgrade your recliner. 1. Rough and Uncomfortable No one wants to […]
Paige Pesko - 08/17/2021 02:47 PM

L-Shaped Sectionals vs. U-Shaped Sectionals: Pros and Cons

Sectional couches provide plenty of comfort and space for the entire family. If you want to purchase a sectional couch, you may need to decide between an L-shaped or U-shaped sectional. Both choices are highly comfortable, provide plenty of space to sit and stretch, and look stunning in any living room. However, there are a […]
Paige Pesko - 08/11/2021 01:36 PM

Left-Hand Facing or Right-Hand Facing: Which Sectional Is Best for You?

When choosing a sectional couch for your home, you will need to decide between a left-hand facing or right-hand facing sectional. To make the best choice for your home, you will need to consider the room’s layout, the décor, other furniture, and more. Here is how to find the best sectional for you, either left-hand facing […]
Paige Pesko - 08/11/2021 01:01 PM

Ways To Make Your Guest Room Feel Like a Cozy Hotel

When your parents, grandparents, friends, or favorite guests visit, you want them to feel comfortable in your home. You should have a guest space that is clean, pleasant, stylish, and cozy, like a hotel room. To make your house a popular place among guests, here are the ways to make your guest room feel like a […]
Paige Pesko - 07/13/2021 07:30 PM

Unique Ideas for Creating an Elegant Home

Everyone wants the beautiful, luxurious homes featured in magazines, but too many people think it’s difficult to achieve an elegant style. This idea is simply not true, and many home designers agree that anyone can add elegance to their space with a few simple changes and additions. Whether your house is large or small, you […]
Paige Pesko - 07/09/2021 06:24 PM

How To Maximize the Space in Your Living Room

Too often, living rooms are crowded with bookshelves, furniture, plants, television sets, décor, and more. A crowded area doesn’t create a pleasant, relaxing environment, so it’s helpful to free up some space. If you want to create more room, read below and find out how to maximize the space in your living room. Rearrange Your Furniture […]
Paige Pesko - 07/08/2021 01:52 PM

Tips for Creating a Cozy She Shed

One of the main reasons people build a she shed is to create a place where they can relax and unwind after a long day. Your she shed can’t be perfect when missing a few items that create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere. If you want to transform your space into a calming environment, then be […]
Paige Pesko - 06/14/2021 02:22 PM

Pieces of Furniture Every Home Should Have

Even though we may not realize it, furniture plays a large role in our lives. We sleep in our comfortable beds, sit in our chairs, work on our desks, eat at our tables, and much more. Whether you are moving or just need a change, there are certain furniture items that you should add to […]
Paige Pesko - 06/11/2021 03:39 PM