5 Tips for Caring for and Cleaning Leather Furniture

5 Tips for Caring for and Cleaning Leather Furniture

With its smooth surface and luxurious appearance, it’s no wonder that leather furniture is a popular choice for many living rooms. To keep your leather furniture in the best condition, you’ll need to maintain it regularly. Check out these five tips for caring for and cleaning leather furniture.

1. Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Before you clean or care for your leather furniture, you should read the manufacturer’s instructions. These instructions and guidelines often provide helpful information that you can use to clean your furniture safely. For example, if you add an elegant leather pull-out sofa bed to your living room, you can read the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning or conditioning it with products.

2. Vacuum Dust and Crumbs

Dust, food crumbs, pollen, and pet hair all collect on your leather furniture over time. That’s why it’s vital to vacuum your furniture regularly. Vacuuming your furnishings once a week or at least a couple of times per month can help keep your furniture clean and comfortable.

3. Prepare Cleaning Products

Another tip for caring for and cleaning leather furniture is to prepare your cleaning materials and products. There are plenty of leather cleaning solutions available. You can also easily make one at home. To make your own cleaning solution, you can mix a fifty-fifty solution of water and vinegar or mix water with a few drops of mild hand or dish soap.

4. Wipe Down the Leather With a Soft Cloth

After making your cleaning solution, you should dip a cloth in the cleaning solution and gently wipe down your leather furniture. Keep in mind that your cloth should be damp, not wet. Next, dampen a cloth with water only and wipe the cleaning solution off the leather.

5. Condition Leather

The last step to maintain your leather furniture is to condition it. After you clean your furniture, you can use a soft cloth to apply the leather conditioner to your furniture. Be sure to spread the leather conditioner evenly and allow it to dry before sitting on your couch.

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