7 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Recliner

At the end of the day, one of the best feelings is coming home and relaxing in your recliner. However, how do you know if you need to replace this piece of furniture? To answer this question, here are the seven signs it’s time to upgrade your recliner.

1. Rough and Uncomfortable

No one wants to sit in a chair that is rough and uncomfortable. If you notice that the cushions on your recliner are flat, then it’s time to upgrade. Additionally, if the cushions feel bumpy or uncomfortable, then you need to replace the recliner.

2. Doesn’t Function Properly

Occasionally, the components in the recliner can wear out over time. When these components wear out, the recliner will not move, or the controls will not work. In this case, you will need a new recliner.

3. Fading and Discoloration

Unfortunately, sunlight can often damage your furniture, causing the fabric to fade. Faded or discolored furniture usually doesn’t fit well in a home, so it’s best to replace the recliner.

4. Fails To Support Your Body

You should never feel pain or soreness from sitting in your recliner. If your recliner causes pain or soreness, that means it doesn’t provide adequate support for your body. You will need a new recliner that provides support for your legs, back, neck, and head.

5. Strange Noises

Strange and unusual noises, such as creaking and squeaking, are never a good sign. If you notice loud and unusual noises every time you sit on your recliner, the safest option is to replace it.

6. Looks Outdated

Sometimes, your old recliner may not look flattering in your home. In this case, you can purchase a power sectional with a chaise or a new reclining chair. Recliners come in plenty of colors, styles, and textures, so you are sure to find the perfect fit for your home.

7. Needs New Features

The last of the seven signs it’s time to upgrade your recliner is that you need new features. Perhaps your old recliner did not have a comfortable headrest, or you need a larger seat. There are plenty of features in new recliners that make them even more comfortable and convenient.

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