8 Easy Tips for Styling Large Living Rooms

Tips for styling a large bedroom

Many people think that decorating large living rooms is easy. After all, you have plenty of space to style and decorate them. So, you may assume that it’s a simple process. However, large living rooms can look awkward or uncomfortable if they have too much open space. The key is to fill this space without making it appear crowded or unnatural. If you want to style a large living room, it’s best to learn a few tips and tricks before beginning the process to save some time and energy. To design a lovely and elegant living area, use these eight easy tips for styling large living rooms.

1. Use Colors

If you want your large living room to feel cozier, you should consider painting two-toned walls. Two-toned walls trick the eye into thinking that the ceilings are lower than they actually are. Additionally, two-toned walls provide a nice pop of color for any room in your home. While you can paint the house yourself, the process is usually messy and time-consuming. So, it’s best to leave this work to the professionals. Another way to add color to your room is to use large rugs. Setting down soft, colorful, and patterned rugs is an excellent way to make your home feel elegant and cozy. Circular, oval, square, and rectangular rugs are popular and will make a beautiful addition to your living room. Keep in mind that large rugs are the best choices for spacious living rooms. Small rugs can look strange and out-of-place in such an expansive area.

2. Decorate With Tall Potted Plants

If you want to accentuate your lofty ceilings, try decorating your space with tall potted plants. These plants will fill the empty vertical space and add a sense of life and style to your living room. Thankfully, many types of trees are perfect for indoor decoration, such as the Lychee Silk Tree. Many different kinds of bamboo plants can also grow quite tall. Keep in mind that these plants do not need to be real. Plastic plants are often the better choice since they do not cause allergies and do not require maintenance. However, if you are fond of living plants, make sure they receive plenty of sunlight from a nearby window. Additionally, you will need to maintain and water them to keep them strong and healthy.

3. Fill the Space With Furniture

A large living room with small furniture often looks strange. One of the best things about large living rooms is that you can fill them with large, plush, and cozy furniture. Who doesn’t love comfy pieces? You can purchase an oversized sofa and loveseat, which will provide plenty of comfortable seating for all your guests and family members. You could also use U- or L-shaped sectionals with several additional chairs. When choosing furniture, remember that oversized furniture is generally the best choice for larger living rooms.

4. Create Privacy With a Screen

Sometimes, large living rooms can seem too big. If you want to create some privacy in the room, you can use a decorative screen. These screens come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, so you’re sure to find one that fits your living room’s décor. This screen will allow your living room to feel cozier and more intimate. The best part is that you can easily fold it and put it away if you want to open up the area again. Also, remember that you can use more than one screen to section off a comfy zone in your living room.

5. Add Art and Decorations to the Walls

To make a large living room feel comfortable, you’ll need plenty of decorations for the walls. You can add paintings, drawings, pictures, metal decorations, hanging plants, and tapestries so that your living room looks beautiful. There are many different types of art to choose from, including modern, impressionistic, abstract, and more. Such decorations will contribute to an attractive living space and help cover up bare walls.

6. Light the Room With Lamps

Usually, large living rooms have plenty of windows, so lighting isn’t a problem during the day. But at night, large, dark spaces can seem gloomy and uninviting. Light fixtures and lamps are excellent choices to make your living room appear warm and appealing, even at night. At times, too many lamps or light fixtures in a room can look awkward. Therefore, it’s best to use only a couple of them. When choosing lamps or light fixtures for a large living room, make sure that they are sizable and provide adequate illumination for the room.

7. Avoid Placing Furniture Against Walls

Too often, people with big living rooms will place large furniture pieces, such as sofas or chairs, against the walls. While this works well for small areas, it’s not the best arrangement for large rooms since it leaves lots of open space. When positioning furniture in your living room, try to avoid hugging the walls. Instead, you can arrange furniture around a focal point, like a fireplace, ottoman, or coffee table. You can decorate the free wall space with bookshelves, artwork, benches, consoles, and plants.

8. Consider Oversized Ottomans

If you have a tiny coffee table, it may look out-of-place because the rest of your furniture is probably huge in comparison. While you could purchase a larger coffee table, you should also consider an oversized ottoman. Some ottomans can also serve as storage spaces for blankets, magazines, pillows, and other household items. Additionally, if you do not have reclining seats, an ottoman can serve as a plush footrest.

With these eight easy tips for styling large living rooms, you’ll be able to design a stunning and elegant space for your home. To summarize, you should consider oversized ottomans, avoid placing furniture against walls, light the room with lamps, and add art and decorations to the walls. Also, you should create privacy with a screen, fill the space with furniture, decorate with tall plants, and use colors. If you need to purchase any oversized furniture for your home, look at our quality couches at Sofas and Sectionals today.

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