How to Choose the Perfect Recliner for Your Home

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Sometimes the simple things in life make every struggle worth it. One of the best feelings in the world is coming home after a long day and relaxing on a comfortable chair or couch. It doesn’t matter if it’s leather, microfabric, or high-density foam, each piece of furniture provides comfort, safety, and security. However, some people may be intimidated by trying to find the best one. In that case, check out how to choose the perfect recliner for your home and enjoy its satisfaction.


This should be the first concern in your head when choosing the right recliner for your home. The physical space in your room determines the size of the new recliner. You should keep in mind both the space of the room and the size of the recliner. This way you avoid any issues with space availability for other items. This is especially true if you want a recliner that leans back or extends. Either way, you should also consider how the size of the recliner affects your body position. Ideally, a recliner should reduce pressure from certain body parts, like the head, shoulders, knees, back, neck, and legs. A recliner that’s too small could prolong these pains or potentially make them worse.

Fortunately, recliners use specifications based on your height. The four main types of recliner types are petite body types (for people 5’4” and under), small body types (5’5” to 5’9”), tall body types (5’10” to 6’2”) and extra tall body types (6’3” and over). With the right-size recliner, you reduce any stress placed on your body. From there, you’ll likely notice many different health benefits. A supporting recliner may improve circulation, provide back pain relief, make breathing easier, relax your nervous system, and improve digestion. Each of these health benefits lead to a longer, more fulfilling lifespan.


Of course, no one chooses a recliner unless it’s comfortable, which is why quality is another important consideration. A high-quality recliner will last you years. However, not every couch or chair is the same, and some may exacerbate health issues because they promote poor posture or are constructed with inferior materials. Keep in mind, a high-quality recliner seat should use the right upholstery and padding materials. Leather and microfiber, for example, are popular materials because they’re stain-resistant and easy to care for. Additionally, consider a memory foam or high-density foam cushion that molds to your shape. This reacts to your body heat and molds to your shape, thus reducing stress on the body.


Naturally, there are different types of recliners to choose from. Each of these have their own mechanisms for complete functionality in your living space. The top recliner types to know are pushback recliners, lever and handle recliners, power recliners, lift chair recliners, position and leg-only recliners, wall-hugger recliners, lay-flat recliners, rocker recliners, and swivel recliners.

Pushback recliners require the sitter to use both arms and push against the back to recline. Most pushbacks are modern and smaller in design, coming with footrests or ottomans attached.

Lever and handle recliners use a mechanical lever, handle, or pull loop to recline. They are some of the most common types of reclining seats in households.

Power recliners are like lever and handle seats but feature a button instead. As the easiest to operate, many models come with memory settings, positioning options, USB charging ports, massage capability, and other high-tech features. Lift chair recliners are common with elderly or mobility challenged individuals. They are fully automated power chairs that assist in raising or lowering from a seated position. While only some offer fully flat recline positions, most have button controls and battery or electrical power backup.

Position recliners consist of two-position and three-position chairs. These only offer two or three positions: upright and reclined (with one or two reclining options). These could be upright and fully extended, upright and leg-only, or upright, leg-only, and fully extended. Similarly, leg-only recliners offer only leg extension on the footrest. The backs on these models do not move at all.

Wall huggers sit adjacent to the wall and extend further to avoid hitting anything behind them. Alternatively, lay-flat recliners extend completely to allow for a full-body position.

Rocker seats offer a rocking chair motion when in the upright position. They also might swivel or offer different reclining positions with rocking capability.

Lastly, swivel chairs have a swivel base and an easy pivoting motion. You can reposition the orientation of the chair, which makes this a great seating option for visitors in the family or living rooms.


With so many types to choose from, it’s important to have the right style to match. Recliners come in four main styles: traditional, contemporary, transitional, and classic. Traditional chairs are casual, comfy, and usually use leather or textured microfiber fabrics with plush padding. They tend to have an overstuffed feel. Contemporary, or sleek, chairs have trim, tailored lines and angular edges. Transitional seats often feature different styling details. Specifically, these include nail head trim, stitching enhancements, and roll arms. Finally, classic chairs showcase the traditional leather seat image with reclining capability.


At last, many recliners offer different functional features as well. One feature every recliner has in common is, well, reclining. Some provide full-body support, articulating headrest, and lumbar support to supply optimal comfort throughout the chair. You should feel comfortable from the moment you sit down to the moment you rise. Some recliners have massage capability. These massage your head, back, and legs, which relaxes both your mind and muscles. Recliners may feature cup holders, USB ports, or even heated seats. No matter which options you choose, make sure the recliner is the ideal chair for your body. These features depend on its use and purpose for your home. Just make sure the piece fits your budget.

Whether it’s a wallet-friendly chair or full-on luxury recliner, always buy leather recliners from us at Sofas & Sectionals. We carry all types of recliner styles and types to choose from, including power lifts, traditional, pushback, and lever options. Some of our seats are also USB compatible for fast charging when seated comfortably. Contact us with any questions, and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect reclining chair or couch for your home.

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