Left-Hand Facing or Right-Hand Facing: Which Sectional Is Best for You?

When choosing a sectional couch for your home, you will need to decide between a left-hand facing or right-hand facing sectional. To make the best choice for your home, you will need to consider the room’s layout, the décor, other furniture, and more. Here is how to find the best sectional for you, either left-hand facing or right-hand facing.

Left-Hand Facing Sectional

A sectional couch is made of two pieces, and the extended seat is called the chaise. A left-hand facing sectional has a chaise on the left-hand side if you look at the couch from the front.

Right-Hand Facing Sectional

The right-hand facing sectional is the same as the left-hand facing sectional, except that the chaise is on the right-hand side. When choosing a sectional, remember that you need to look at the couch from the front to determine the right and left sides. If you look at the sectional from the back, the right-hand facing sectional will have the chaise on your left side.

Room Layout

Whether you need a sectional for your living space or entertainment area, the layout of the room can help when learning how to find the best sectional for you, either left-hand facing or right-hand facing. If you plan to place the couch snugly in a corner, you can place the extended side against the wall to save space and provide more room. Before purchasing a sectional, be sure to take the room’s size and layout into consideration. If you need a sofa with a specific shape, you can build a sectional and customize the couch at Sofas and Sectionals.

Other Furniture and Décor

The surrounding furniture and décor will also determine which sectional is best for your home. Sectionals are a great way to save space so that you can add more furniture and other decorations, such as plants, vases, and more, to your home. Before purchasing your sectional, you can move around your furniture to decide if a left or right-hand facing sectional will fit with the rest of the furniture.

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